Skincare Consultation

After understanding your skin concerns and assessing your skin our Medical Aesthetician will prepare a personalised skincare regime using Dermatologist selected skincare products with clinically proven results.

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skin consultation

What’s Involved

During your skincare consultation for £25 an experienced Medical Aesthetician will assess your skin and understand your skin goals.

A personalised skincare plan is helpful if you are suffering from pigmentation issues, facial redness, ageing skin, large pore size or skin that is not clear.

They will provide you with a treatment plan based on your skin type and problem areas, recommend Dermatologist selected skincare products and explain how you should use these. They will also advise how to use these products if you are having aesthetic or laser treatment.

A set of baseline photographs will be taken using the VISIA skin imaging system so you can see that you are getting results.


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skin consultation


• The Medical Aesthetician will advise on any special instructions for using the skincare products, or if you are having aesthetic treatments in conjunction with the skincare regime.

• If your skincare regime includes topical Vitamin A products (including retinol or tretinoin) then you should ensure that you use a daily broad spectrum sunblock (SPF50+)


What skincare problems can be resolved?

Our team can discuss skincare regimes to address many skin concerns including pigmentation, redness, ageing skin, pore size, skin clarity  and general skin appearance. If you are suffering from a dermatology medical condition it may be necessary to see a Dermatologist in order to address the underlying condition.

Can I continue to use skincare products I like to use?

Absolutely. We typically don’t recommend you throw out all of your existing products and wíll explain how you can incorporate your products into the recommended regime.

Will the skincare regime be suitable if I am pregnant?

Some skincare products contain retinoids, so if you are pregnant or thinking of conceiving let us know and we will tailor the skincare regime so as to avoid those products.

What happens if I need replacement products?

Our clinic is open Monday through Saturday including evenings and we always have plenty of products in stock. You can also phone us and we are happy to take payment over the phone and to post replacement products out to you

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