Patient Reviews

"I have been receiving Dye-VL treatment with Yasmina at the LSHC for a few months now to reduce the redness in a scar on my shoulder and I couldn't fault it if I tried. From the moment I met Yasmina I thought she was amazing. She is caring, understanding and always asks how you feel / what you think. My scar has got so much better and I feel a lot more confident with it! Thank you! Will be recommending you to everyone!"


"I've been receiving treatment with Yasmina for over four month and she's brilliant. She is really clear around what to expect, very supportive and friendly. I did 4 x ClearLift laser Treatment and I have my last treatment tomorrow. I am happy with the results so far! The scars have improved and I feel more confident. I would highly recommend the clinic and Yasmina for everyone."


"I cannot praise the London Skin and Hair Clinic enough, having issue with hair loss is very concerning and difficult. The staff and Dr's could not have been more helI have been a patient at the LSAH for about 6 months now. I only have good things to say about them. They've gone out of their way to help me improve my acne and I am a story of success. Specially, I'd like to thank Yasmina for the amazing skin care advice she's given me all these months. It was so simple, but it really worked. I'm acne free now! She's always been lovely and I'm glad I met her! She really knows her stuff. I'd recommend her to anyone seeking skin care/treatment."


"I have had laser hair removal with Yasmina over the last year. The results have been incredible and increased my confidence no end. Yasmina put me at ease from day one and is very knowledgeable in her field. I've not had to wax now for months! Brilliant!"


"Yasmina is excellent in her field! For such private treatment, she puts you at ease, is open and friendly, and the results have been wonderful for me. I'd recommend this place and especially Yasmina to everyone, and have in fact already been spreading the name around to friends. Thanks!"


"I received treatment for facial redness by Yasmina. I was slightly apprehensive at first, I have had facial redness for quite some time and did not realise that something could be done to help it. A friend recommended the London real skin clinic and from my first meeting, Yasmina made me feel at ease straight away, explaining the treatment and how it happens, the likely results and how to ensure maximum results with aftercare. The results for me have been really quite amazing, I never thought the redness could go down so much and the general condition of my facial skin has made me feel great. As an added bonus the wrinkles round my eyes have improved as well. All my friends have asked me what am I doing as I was looking really fresh and younger. For a man in his 40’s, I am extremely happy and it has given me so much confidence in myself, I could not recommend this clinic and the treatment more, from the initial meeting with the reception team who are friendly and helpful to working with Yasmina."


"I found Yasmine a really caring person and very professional. Yasmine made me feel very comfortable and the whole experience was extremely pleasant. I also saw how Yasmine treated another patient/customer which made me warm to her quite quickly."


"Amazing service from Vanessa! Much more thorough than my previous provider, very impressed and happy!"


"Consistently good service. Vanessa is both proficient and helpful. Answers questions in a sensible measured way."


"Yasmina is the best consultant. She has removed my tattoo really carefully and helped me get over the initial shock of starting the process. I have no scarring at all due to her diligance and knowledge of lasers. She has made me feel really confident in the process."

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