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    Models Required for Free Laser and Non-Surgical Treatments

    We are looking for before and after models for us who will receive free laser and non-surgical cosmetic treatments at London Real Skin. In return for allowing us to use your photographs and video showing your skin prior to treatment, and after treatment, you will receive free laser and non-surgical treatments by our experienced Clinicians.

    Models will receive a free consultation at our clinic with our Medical Aesthetician and laser or non-surgical treatment. You’ll be helping us build our library of before and after images which helps patients who are thinking of having the treatment get a good sense of the sort of results which are possible.

    We are currently looking for people with the following skin concerns:

    • Pigmentation issues (age spots / brown marks) on the back of hands, décolletage or face – for laser treatment
    • Facial redness – for laser treatment
    • Thread-veins and telangiectasia on and around the nose and cheeks – for laser treatment
    • Mild acne and acne scarring – for chemical peels
    • Dull, tired looking skin – for laser treatment and / or chemical peels

    Conditions are:

    • All models are chosen on their suitability for the treatment, rather than a first come, first served basis.
    • We reserve the right to decline if the treatment is not applicable
    • It is very important for all models to understand that pictures or videos would be used for clinical and marketing use. This may include being used on our website, social media pages or to display in our clinic. If after the treatment you have had a change of heart and no longer wish for your photos or videos to be used, the treatment would be charged at the standard price.
    • Any subsequent treatments and product purchases will be payable

    We are particularly interested in people who wish to keep a video diary and post pictures and updates of their experience in having the treatments, and the results they get from the treatments.

    London Real Skin is a laser and cosmetic dermatology clinic located at The London Skin and Hair Clinic. We offer evidence-based laser and skin treatments using the latest technology and leading brands to give real people, real results.

    If you would like to be considered as one of our models or require further information regarding model criteria please call our clinic on 020 7183 5892  or email us at doctor@LSAH.co.uk for further details.



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