Laser Tattoo Removal

At London Real Skin we offer Harmony XLi
Laser Tattoo Removal, an effective solution
for men or women who want to remove
unwanted tattoos anywhere on the body.
Laser tattoo removal is a non-invasive
treatment that can safely remove your

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laser tattoo remvoal

Why Harmony XL Laser Tattoo Removal?

Our experienced Medical Aestheticians are extensively trained in tattoo removal with the aim of achieving the best possible results.

We use the Harmony XLi Laser with 1064 and 532 laser hand pieces to treat the tattoo. The laser uses a handheld device emitting powerful pulses of energy to the unwanted tattoo shattering the tattoo ink into tiny fragments.

The body’s immune system gradually absorbs the fragmented pigments after several sessions resulting in the tattoo’s appearance fading.

Being a medical grade laser, the Harmony XLi is powerful enough to remove even the most stubborn ink. The number of treatments required depends on the size of tattoo, the ink used, skin type, the quality of tattoo and the age of the tattoo.

Prices start from £75 per treatment depending on the size and colours used, and whether an outline tattoo or block colour. Courses are available at a discount when paid for in advance.


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What’s Involved

During your first in-depth consultation for £25 our experienced Medical Aestheticians will review your medical history and assess your suitability for treatment with a test patch. The Medical Aesthetician will advise a treatment plan including the expected number of treatments and duration between treatments. You can then safely undergo the Harmony XLi Laser Tattoo Removal anywhere on your body except eye-lids and lips.

For optimum results we recommend 4-10 treatments taken 6-8 weeks apart. Some colours may require more treatments including aqua blue, metallic colours and florescent colours. Maintenance treatments may be required.

Immediately after treatment your skin will be red for up to 48 hours but you can go back to your daily activities almost immediately. Some patients may experience minor blistering for up to 7 days post treatment and some scabbing which will subside.


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• Keep the treated area clean and dry

• Avoid hot baths, heat treatments and exercise for the first 48 hours.

• Avoid swimming until the area is fully healed.

• You must cover the area if exposing it to direct sunlight.


Is The Treatment Safe?

All tattoo removal treatments are treated by qualified Medical Aestheticians with risks being very low. Patients must follow aftercare instructions, which will be explained in details at your consultation. Patients may experience temporary, or in some cases, permanent pigment changes with skin becoming lighter or darker.

What Are The Side Effects Of Tattoo Removal?

After the treatment you may experience some temporary swelling, bruising or superficial flaking. Skin may appear red or sunburned for a few weeks and we would advise patients to avoid sun exposure.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

After just a single treatment, you should begin to notice a visible reduction in your tattoo. Several sessions may be needed to reach optimal results. There is no guarantee that it will be completely erased depending on ink colour and quality which be assessed in your consultation.

How Quickly Can I Get An Appointment?

We offer appointments Monday through Saturday including lunchtime and evening appointments. In general we can book you an appointment within a day. If you wish to see a specific Aesthetician it may take longer to book an appointment.


Laser Tattoo Removal

Harmony XL - Nd:YAG / Q-switch
Schedule of 4-8 treatments, once every 6-8 weeks. Prices below are for border tattoo's. Coloured block tattoo's will cost more. Some coloured tattoo's may require more treatments
Dermatologist consultation and patch test: £230
Medical Aesthetician consultation and patch test: £25
Size1 Treatment4 Treatments (Save 15%)6 Treatments (Save 20%)8 Treatments (Save 25%)
Small (1-3 x 1-3cm)£75£255£360£450
Medium (4-8 x 4-8cm)£100£340£480£600
Large (9-15 x 9-15cm)£175£595£840£1,050
Extra large (16-20 x 16-20cm)£280£952£1,344£1,680

Case Study

before and after laser tattoo removal

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