Laser hair removal and laser resurfacing in Summer?

Dermatologist Dr Martin Wade explains which laser skin treatments you can have during summer.

When looking out the window at another rainy day in London, I think we are all thinking are we even going to get a summer? Many people think that laser skin treatments can not be performed over the summer months due to sun exposure and tanned skin. This is true for laser IPL (intense pulse light) procedures used for treating pigmentantion and age-spots and vascular conditions such as rosacea and telangiectasia (thread veins on the face).

However there are some laser treatments you can have during summer. Laser hair removal with the Harmony Soprano 810-nm diode for laser hair removal is a gentle in-motion technology which means it is virtually pain-free and very safe. Soprano laser hair removal can be used on all skin types including darker skin types, and is suitable for laser hair removal of tanned skins. Avoid sun exposure for at least two days and use sunscreen SPF30 or greater at all times during the course of treatment. Be aware though that if you use fake tan you do need to wait five days before having laser hair removal.

Laser resurfacing procedures for treating acne scars or skin rejuvenation can also be performed on tanned skin with an Erbium YAG laser such as Harmony iPixel. Strict sun protection does need to be used after the procedure whilst the skin is healing using a broad spectrum SPF50+ sunblock and sun avoidance.

So whether the rain continues or we do finally get a summer here in London, there are laser skin procedures you can consider during the summer months.

Soprano laser hair removal
Soprano laser hair removal

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