Introducing Our Brand-New Signature Medical-Grade Facials


Do you ever take time out for yourself? It’s so hard nowadays to get out of the daily routine and do something that re-energises you or relaxes you.

Yes, we work out, yes, we hang out with our friends, yes, we have date nights with our partner but we’re not always great at stopping to take time out for ourselves to unwind and just be.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new medical grade signature facial menu that our aesthetic nurse and Facialist Vanessa Charest, has created at London Real Skin. These treatments are a great excuse to get out of the house, relax and give your skin some serious TLC.

Below, Vanessa has answered some questions about these new medical-grade facials, so you’re completely in the know about what’s involved.

What Exactly is a Facial?

A facial is a deep cleansing of the skin that you won’t necessarily have time to do at home. It feels comforting and relaxing. Combined with our light chemical peels, our facials help detoxify the skin, remove dead skin cells, dirt, and provide oxygen to your skin.


Who Best Benefits from a Facial?

EVERYONE! Vanessa came up with four distinct types of signature facials so that everybody can benefit from it. Whether your skin is on the oilier side, sensitive or you’re looking for an anti-ageing treatment, we have a facial for every skin type. We’re not excluding men either. We’ve designed a facial specifically tailored to them.

When Should I Receive a Facial?

A facial can be a one-off treatment to deep cleanse your skin and make it more glowing as well as to help you relax and wind down.

Taken as a course (generally six), it can help smooth fine lines, diminish pigmentation, minimise pores and help with acne. It also activates blood circulation giving you that fresh looking complexion.

You can have a facial a few weeks before a special event, such as a wedding or birthday. Vanessa recommends having a facial every four to six weeks as a maintenance regime.



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