How can I soften lines?

Dr Wade has given his suggestions…

Botox is a good starting point for treating the vertical frown lines on the forehead which is a very safe procedure in experienced hands and is a good starting point for the people who may wish to soften these lines, particularly for men. Friends and family are usually unaware that the treatment has been done but may comment that the face looks fresher or that the person appears well rested.

As these muscles naturally pull down there is a low risk of developing a heavy forehead if higher doses are used, and completely blocking these muscles does not give a frozen look as long as eyebrow movement is still possible.  No one really notices if you are unable to frown unless you are a dramatic artist or stern parent.

If vertical lines are present when at rest then the aim of treatment would be to keep the glabella complex permanently inactivated to allow the skin to repair itself through preventing the repeated creasing of the skin allowing the lines to soften or disappear completely.  For these cases we recommend repeating injections as soon as movement is noted to allow the skin to continue to recover.  If the vertical lines are very deep then complete effacement of the wrinkles may not always be possible and so at some stage in the future hyaluronic acid injections (dermal filler) may also be required to reduce the wrinkles.  The combination of the two treatments can work extremely well. Using hyaluronic acid injections alone on the vertical frown lines is less beneficial as it does not address the underlying mechanism causing the creases.

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