Facial Rejuvenation

At London Real Skin we use powerful laser and IPL treatments to rejuvenate the skin and help reduce skin problems including sun damage, pigmentation, age spots, skin sagging and laxity, lines and wrinkles, eye bags, dark circles, acne, large pores and lip lines. We use a combination of the Harmony ClearLift and the Harmony Pixel to achieve results with minimum discomfort and minimum downtime.

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Harmony Laser

Why Harmony ClearLift?

London Real Skin uses the Harmony Clearlift Laser for facial rejuvenation. Harmony ClearLift tightens and brightens the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves tone and texture and stimulates collagen production on the face and the neck.

This pixilated skin-resurfacing laser divides light into multiple fractions allowing deeper penetration of the dermis. This causes no injury to the skin’s surface and no redness but activates deep regeneration of the skin.

The unique depth controlled tips can be used to treat superficial fine lines, skin tone, pigmentation and skin laxity and also target deeper wrinkles and folds.

Harmony ClearLift can even be used on delicate areas around the eyes (for dark circles, eye bags and fine lines) and also on the lips to stimulate the production of collagen to plump up the area for a natural and long lasting pout.

ClearLift provides fantastic results on the neck too, typically a difficult area to treat. For skin tightening on the neck ClearLift is the most effective treatment on the market due to deep skin revival within the dermis unique to ClearLift.


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Harmony Clearlift

What’s Involved

During your in-depth consultation and test patch for £25 our experienced Medical Aestheticians will assess your suitability and take a set of baseline photographs so you can see the results. The Medical Aesthetician will advise a treatment plan depending on your skin type and goals. They will advise expected number of treatments and duration between treatments.

Harmony ClearLift uses a unique fractional depth controlled non-ablative laser that works by transforming laser light into acoustic sound waves that work deep down in the dermis to “shock” and stimulate the collagen without any discomfort.

It causes regeneration from within the dermis with no injury to the skin surface, leaving no redness or tell-tale signs, so you can go straight back to work or out.

The treatment takes around twenty minutes. Best results are achieved through a course of three to six treatments. The treated area continues to improve over three months as collagen rebuilds.

After six to twelve months, a top-up treatment is recommended. Incorporating a good skincare regime will help get the most from your Harmony ClearLift treatment.


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• Avoid sun exposure 24 hours after the treatment

• For best results use our recommended skincare regime alongside the treatment

• Use a daily broad spectrum sunblock (SPF50+)


Am I Suitable?

If you’re looking for a non-surgical approach to all-over facial rejuvenation then Harmony ClearLift is right for you. The unique depth controlled tips can be used to treat superficial fine lines, skin tone, pigmentation and skin laxity or target deeper wrinkles and folds.

What Is The Treatment Like?

The Pixel Q-Switched laser divides up the light energy into multiple fractions that target deep into the dermis. This ‘minor damage’ encourages the production of collagen at a very deep level. This lifts and tightens the skin to improve skin appearance and to help treat fine lines.

How Quickly Can I Get An Appointment?

We offer appointments Monday through Saturday including lunchtime and evening appointments. In general we can book you an appointment within a day. If you wish to see a specific Aesthetician it may take longer to book an appointment.

How Long Will The Treatment Last?

After six to twelve months, a top-up treatment is recommended as lifestyle can affect how long results last. Incorporating a good skincare regime is essential to getting the most from your Harmony ClearLift treatment.


Clearlift Facial Rejuvenation

Harmony XL - iPixel / Nd:YAG
Schedule of 6 treatments, once every 2-4 weeks
Dermatologist consultation and patch test: £230
Medical Aesthetician consultation and patch test: £25
Area1 Treatment6 Treatments
(Save 20%)
Face and neck£350£1,680
Face, neck and hands£425£2.040
Face, neck and décolletage£665£3,192
Face, neck, décolletage and hands£750£3,600

i-pixel Fractional laser resurfacing

For treating acne scars, scars, stretch-marks, melasma, lines and wrinkles and anti-aging
Harmony XL - iPixel
Schedule of 4 treatments, once every 4-6 weeks
Dermatologist consultation and patch test: £230
Medical Aesthetician consultation and patch test: £25
Main treatment areas (face, neck, hands, décolletage)1 Treatment4 Treatment Package (save 10%)
1 area£800£2,880
2 areas£1,100£3,960
3 areas£1,400£5,040

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Facial Rejuvenation

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