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    What is tear trough treatment?

    The area between your lower eyelid and upper cheek is known as your tear trough. As you get older, this changes in appearance; it can become longer, deeper and more shadowed. Although this part of the normal ageing process, it gives the impression of being tired and sleepless.
    Tear trough rejuvenation is a specialised non-surgical aesthetic treatment performed using a hyaluronic acid injectable gel. This replaces lost volume and at the same time retains skin hydration. Your practitioner may also suggest a treatment plan that includes strengthening the upper cheek to support the area as well as treating the tear trough itself for the best cosmetic result.
    The quality of the skin in this area is another factor to consider. You may be recommended a treatment to improve the quality of your skin ranging from a topical treatment to laser treatment.

    What are the benefits of  tear trough treatment?

    After the treatment the under-eye area will be less sunken, giving you an instant rested look. In the following days you may notice that the skin under the eyes is more hydrated and that the lines are softened. The dark colour often associated with under eye circle can be improved and be less obvious.

    image-2What is involved in  tear trough treatment?

    During a consultation, one of our practitioner will examine your face. They will determine if you are suitable for this procedure. If so, photos will be taken before the procedure.
    The skin will be cleansed with an antiseptic solution and the practitioner will mark the areas to inject. A topical local anaesthetic cream will be applied to your skin. It will be left on for about 20 minutes.
    After the local anaesthetic is removed the practitioner will start injecting using a blunt cannula. This help minimises the risks of bleeding and bruising.
    Photos will be taken after the procedure, and this allows the practitioner to compare the results.

    What are the risks or potential side effects of tear trough treatment)?

    When injected with a canula the treatment is very comfortable and minimises the potential risks of bleeding and bruising. There is no downtime, you can resume your normal activities right away.

    What aftercare is required for tear trough treatment)?


    What is the cost of  tear trough treatment?

    Treatment costs are from £500.

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