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Skin Consultations – Book Online

Treatment Duration
45 Minutes
Conditions Treated
Dull complexion, Rough and uneven texture, Dry skin, Fine lines/wrinkles, Creepy Skin, Acne Scarring, Stretch Marks, Pigmentation, Rosacea
Frequency of Treatment
1 or more if needed
Results Visible
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Risks and Complications

Skin Consultations & Assessment


At London Real Skin we offer full Skin Care Consultations that offer a detailed assessment of your skin & your skins health. Our assessments are comprehensive and allow us to tailor specific regimes, treatments & care plans that will help improve your skins condition, reduce the signs of ageing & environmental damage and to help the overall aesthetic appearance of your skin.

Our clinic is based at The London Skin and Hair Clinic, 233 High Holborn, London WC1V 7DN.

What is a Skincare Consultation and personalised skincare regime?

At London Real Skin, a skincare consultation means an in-depth assessment of your skin’s health and condition by an experienced Medical Aesthetician in order to develop a personalised skincare regime designed to achieve your skincare goals and healthy skin. All skincare products are Dermatologist recommended. Dermatologist recommended skincare can be used on skin conditions including melasma, or where there are no underlying skin conditions but where one wishes to improve the appearance of their skin.

The benefits of a personalised skin care regime

Many of us may have concerns about the appearance or condition of our skin. This can range from pigmentation, to redness, ageing, skin clarity or general skin appearance.

Our experienced team can discuss skincare regimes to address a range of skin concerns leaving you feeling more confident about your skin’s appearance.

Any adult who has concerns about the general appearance or condition of their skin would benefit from a skincare consultation.
Our team are experienced at understanding your skin concerns and assessing your skin to provide a detailed and personalised skincare regime.

Using dermatologist selected skincare products we provide expert advice and treatment plans with clinically proven results.

We recommend a review every 2-3 months for follow-up photographs and to assess the effectiveness of the skincare programme. In general we’d expect you to see an improvement in the appearance of your skin from 3 months.

There is no miracle skincare cure so results can be subtle but with ongoing use you should see an overall continued improvement in the appearance of your skin and healthier skin.

For some conditions such as melasma we need to organise a review with a Dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis and support the treatment plan.

What does a Skin Care Consultation involve?

A medical aesthetician will meet with you to understand your concerns and skincare goals. They will carry out an assessment of your skin and take a set of baseline photographs using the VISIA skin imaging system. This can be referred back to throughout your treatment plan to assess the effectiveness of the treatment, and monitor the skin’s improvement.

A personalised skincare plan will be recommended based on your skin type and problem areas. Within this plan dermatologist selected skincare products will be recommended which may include prescription products. We recommend skincare products with clinically proven ingredients from skincare brands including NeoStrata, Skinceuticals, Obagi, Auriga, Cetaphil, La Roche-Posay and Sunsense as well as The London Skin and Hair Clinic skin health products. Your aesthetician will explain how these are used, including special instructions if you are having aesthetic or laser treatment.

Your personalised skincare consultation will last around 30 minutes. We recommend a review every 3 months to make sure you are getting the best results.

If you are suffering from a dermatology medical condition it may be necessary to see a dermatologist in order to address the underlying condition.

What are the risks or potential side-effects of personalised skincare?

Everyone can have a skincare consultation. Some skincare products contain retinoids, so if you are pregnant or thinking of conceiving let us know and we will tailor the skincare regime so as to avoid those products.

Prior to using any new skincare products you should always check that you aren’t allergic to the ingredients in the product. We recommend applying a small test patch either to the inner arm or behind the ear, to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction. As many of the skincare products we recommend are medical-grade, they can result in peeling or redness of the skin, in which case you should reduce the frequency of use.

You will be advised on any special instructions for using the skincare products, or if you are having aesthetic treatments in conjunction with the skincare regime.

If your skincare regime includes topical Vitamin A products (including retinol or tretinoin) then you should ensure that you use a daily broad spectrum sunblock (SPF50+) and these products should be used in the evening.

What is the cost of a skincare consultation?

A skincare consultation with a medical aesthetician costs £30. If you wish to see a Consultant Dermatologist for a skincare consultation then the charge is £230.

Examples of Our Treatments

After a consultation, we may recommend any number of treatments relating to your skin and our assessment of your skin. To see some of our treatments in action why not visit our Youtube channel or browse each treatment to see more detailed before and after pictures.

At London Real Skin, we pride ourselves on delivering real treatments with real results. Our video and photography is original and not enhanced in any way as we like to offer a true reflection of what a treatment is likely to deliver, although treatment results may vary from person to person depending on skin types & other factors.

Where we’re located

London Real Skin’s clinic is based at The London Skin and Hair Clinic at 233 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7DN.

Our clinic is easily accessible by bus, tube/train and walking. We are less than a 1 minute walk from Holborn tube station (Circle and Piccadilly lines).  We are a 10 minute walk from Farringdon and easily accessible from all major rail routes in Central London.



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