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Semi Permanent Makeup

Treatment Duration
2 – 2.5 Hours
Conditions Treated

To get long-lasting shaped eyebrows, lip colour or eyeliner

Frequency of Treatment
Top-ups every 18-24 months as needed
Results Visible


Back to Work
Risks and Complications
Bleeding, swelling, scabbing


£350 – £400

What is Semi Permanent Makeup?

Also known as micropigmentation, semi-permanent makeup is a form of temporary (but long-lasting) cosmetic tattooing. At London Real Skin, we offer the treatment for eyebrows, eyelids (eyeliner) and on the lips. Like a tattoo, tiny pigments are injected into the dermal layer of the skin using a needle and stay there for 12-18+ months. We take every care to match the colour of the pigment to our patients’ natural eyebrow colour, lipstick/lipliner or eyeliner, which we recommend you bring to your consultation appointment.Our goal is to create a look that’s hassle-free, smudge-proof and – most importantly – natural looking. As with any other tattoo, the colour will gradually fade over time and longevity will depend on a number of factors, including your skin type and age.

Only trained semi-permanent makeup artists can do this treatment and the application of semi-permanent makeup is a specialised skill which requires in-depth training.

What are the Benefits of Semi Permanent Makeup?

The application of semi-permanent makeup can enhance the colour and shape of your lips, fill in gaps in your eyebrows, raise your eyebrows without a brow lift, and transform the look of your eyes. This treatment accomplishes in two hours what you might spend an hour every morning doing! You’ll save time by not having to apply a full face of makeup every day and you’ll be able to swim, sweat and shower without smudging.

This is an especially great option for those who are allergic or sensative to cosmetics, have suffered hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy, those with vision impairments and anyone with unsteady or shaking hands who might find applying makeup difficult.

What is involved in Semi Permanent Makeup?

Your initial treatment involves three appointments. Your first appointment will be a consultation where we discuss your goals and expectations, do a colour patch test and take photographs. At the second appointment, our specialist will mark out the area and then impregnate the skin with pigments using a needle that’s attached to a hand held electrical device.

Depending on the area(s) you’re having treated, the appointment could take anywhere from 2-7 hours. In general, lips take 2.5 hours, eyebrows take 2.5 hours and eyeliner takes 2 hours.

After 4 weeks, we recommend that you come back for a top-up once the pigments have started to absorb into your skin. This third appointment is included in the price of the treatment. Semi-permanent make-up can last from 18-24 months and far beyond, depending on a number of lifestyle factors and your skin type. If you notice the colour fading, simply book an appointment for a top-up.

What are the risks or potential side effects of Semi-Permanent Makeup?

People who should not have treatment are those with an active skin disease or infection, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, insulin dependent diabetics, people with heart conditions and those who are prone to keloid scarring.

Semi-Permanent Makeup is not suitable for the following people:

    • Patients with an infection on their face, including cold sores
    • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
    • Insulin dependant diabetics
    • Those prone to keloid scarring
  • Patients who have had laser resurfacing or a skin peel in the last 6 weeks

Our specialist will advise if there are any other special precautions you have to take prior to your treatment.

After treatment patients may experience the following side-effects:

    • Localised Swelling
    • Redness
    • Bleeding
    • Scabbing
  • The colour may appear dark initially but it will fade within 1-4 weeks

What aftercare is required for Semi Permanent Makeup?

The following aftercare is recommended to improve the treatment results and to minimise side-effects from the treatment:

    • Avoid the sun
    • Keep the treated area dry for 5-7 days
    • Avoid makeup (mascara, eyeliner, lip liner, lipstick, etc.) for 5-7 days
  • Avoid picking or scratching the treated areas

What is the cost of Semi Permanent Makeup?

Semi Permanent Makeup

Top eyeliner£240 to £300
Botttom eyeliner£240 to £300
Top and bottom eyeliner£340
Lip liner with blend£350
Full lip colour£475

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