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Non-surgical Jaw Reduction Treatment

Treatment Duration
15 Minutes
Conditions Treated
Wide jaw
Frequency of Treatment
1 treatment every 3 to 6 months
Results Visible
After 2 to 8 weeks
Back to Work
Risks and Complications



What is it?

Botulinum toxin weakens the injected muscle over the time, which leads in turn to a reduction in the overall size. By reducing the muscle at the point of attachment to the bone, the bone can also reduce over time giving longer-lasting results without compromise to the strength of the bone. The aesthetic effect of reducing the flared nature of the jawline is only truly appreciated in the right candidate. Your practitioner will personally evaluate your face before deciding if you are suitable to have this treatment.


The results of this treatment can be seen after several weeks. It can also take a few sessions to see the slimming effect of the jaw. This procedure also helps with bruxism (grinding of the teeth). After your treatment, you will notice that your masseter muscle (responsible for mastication) won’t be as strong. Overtime you will notice that the muscle has reduced in size and your jaw will appear slimmer.

Is there any downtime and when will I see the results? How long will it last?

The procedure is generally painless. Injections will be made by your practitioner with a small needle. A topical anaesthetic cream may be applied on the injected area before for comfort. Generally, it will take about 6 weeks before you see the difference and will last typically between 6 months to a year. It is recommended to evaluate the result at 3 months following the first injection in order to evaluate the full effect and see if you need the further treatment. You may need up to 3 treatments in total to achieve maximum result depending upon your jaw muscle size. Top up treatments every 6-12 months are recommended to maintain the result.

What are the treatment costs?

From £450.

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