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    Laser Hair Removal Costs

    At London Real Skin we try to make our laser hair removal costs as transparent as possible. During your consultation with our Clinicians they will be able to provide you with a detailed quote for the treatments discussed with you.

    Laser Hair Removal - Soprano 810 pain free laser hair removal

    Harmony XL Soprano 810 laser
    Schedule: 6-8 treatments once every 4-6 weeks
    Medical Aesthetician consultation and patch test: £30
    A package of 3 treatments can also be purchased in advance with a 5% discount
     1 Treatment6 Treatments (one treatment no charge)
    Lip or chin or between brows£50£250
    Lip and chin£90£450
    Lip, chin and jaw£100£500
    Lower face£120£600
    Lower face including neck£130£650
    Full face£145£725
    Full face including neck£160£800
    Arms (excluding hands)
    Upper arms£120£600
    Lower arms£100£500
    Full arms£200£1,000
    Legs (excluding feet)
    Lower leg including knees£150£750
    Full legs£260£1,300
    Chest or abdomen£130£650
    Mid-line or female sternum£75£375
    Chest & abdomen£210£1,050
    Back and shoulders£225£1,125
    Full back£170£850
    Bikini line£100£500
    Extended bikini line£120£600
    Hollywood (full Bikini including peri-anal)£160£800
    Partial male bikini£150£750
    Full male bikini£180£900
    Natal cleft£180£900
    Full legs (excluding feet), bikini and underarms£375£1,875
    Lower leg, bikini and underarm£320£1,600
    Full back, full chest and abdomen, shoulders, upper arms£450£2,250
    Full body excluding face£700£3,500
    Full body including face£850£4,250



    1. As we are a private clinic we charge for every appointment (including follow-up appointments) and each treatment so that we can continue offering the high level of service, facilities and expertise we are known for
    2. We are unable to bill insurers for laser consultations, laser treatments, aesthetic treatments, hyperhidrosis treatment (Botox injections), surgical procedures for non-medical reasons (such as removing a mole for cosmetic reasons), or for products purchased at the clinic including prescription items. Our payment terms are payment in full on the day of the appointment or treatment. We will provide patients with an invoice and proof of payment if requested.
    3. A more precise fee quote will be provided as part of your consultation
    4. We will charge a £25 non-attendance fee for patients who do not give the required 24 hours notice for not attending an appointment, or rescheduling an appointment.

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