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Jaw Enhancement Treatment London | Augmentation & Correction

Treatment Duration
30 mins
Conditions Treated
Weak Jaw
Frequency of Treatment
One every 1 to 2 years.
Results Visible
Back to Work
Risks and Complications
Bleeding, bruising, swelling
From £1200

Male Jaw Enhacement - Before


Male Jaw Enhancement - After


What is it?

A jaw enhancement treatment uses injections of dermal fillers. Several types of injectable filler products are commonly used for jaw enhancement. Fillers come in a few different types; permanent and semi-permanent. By far, the most common is semi-permanent because its effects are temporary and can be easily reversed.

What is involved?

During the treatment small volumes of dermal filler gel are injected at several places along the jawline. That can be done using a cannula or directly injected with a needle. This process changes the contours of the area by filling in the skin from the inside out. The result is a jawline that looks more prominent and well defined. Injections of dermal filler can help to plump loose skin hanging from the jaw line, making the area look younger and rejuvenated.


There is no specific aftercare although your practitioner will recommend some advice to follow.


The cost will depend on the amount of filler used during the procedure. Usually, two syringes or more are necessary to obtain the desired look. From £1100

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