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    GOLD COLLAGEN® RX, is a skin supplement developed by doctors and nutrition experts to offer a unique combination of bioactive collagen peptides, hydrolysed elastin and powerful antioxidants, all carefully selected for their anti-ageing benefits to promote skin health. Created with an in depth understanding of the skin, RX replicates the ratio of elastin and collagen found naturally in the dermis, to support skin firmness. GOLD COLLAGEN® RX has been formulated using our advanced patented complex for maximum absorption and bioavailability.

    GOLD COLLAGEN RX is a physician strength formulation and is scientifically proven to promote fibroblast proliferation and activation and to:

    • Slow down collagen and elastin degradation
    • Scientifically proven to induce collagen and elastin synthesis
    • Helps support skin’s natural healthy appearance
    • Protects against oxidative stress
    • Supports skin hydration and elasticity, to promote younger looking skin
    • Helps support healthy hair and nails
    • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

    GOLD COLLAGEN RX is recommended as a 10 day course, 3o day course, or 90 day course of treatment. It is ideal for people with dull and tired looking skin. London Real Skin is an approved supplier of GOLD COLLAGEN RX.

    Subject completed 90 day course of GOLD COLLAGEN (pictures kindly provided by Minerva laboratories)

    Gold Collagen Before and After



    Pricing for Gold Collagen RX starts from £55 per box (10-day supply) or £450 for 9 boxes which provides a complete 90 day program.

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