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Age Spots Treatment

Age spots and sun damage treatment with laser can be effective for treating age spots and sun damage to the skin and other pigmentation skin issues including brown marks, sun spots and freckles.

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Age Spots Treatment London

From our Holborn (Central London) based clinic, we provide a full range of Age Spots treatment options to improve overall skin appearance.

What are the benefits of Age Spots and Sun Damage Treatment?

Laser treatments can help significantly reduce age spots. At London Real Skin we use AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) which is the next generation of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser treatment technology.

Immediately after the treatment the spots will appear much darker. This is completely normal and part of the process. After a few days, the pigmentation will come up to the surface of the skin and naturally shred off the skin. As a result, the skin will be clear and free of age spots and the texture will be improved.


Years Experience


Patients Treated

Treatment Duration
30 Minutes
3-6 Treatments every 2-3 weeks
Back to Work
Conditions Treated
Spots ( Sun, Liver, Age ) , Lentigine, Pigmented lesions, Freckles
Results Visible
After 1 week
Pre & Post Treatment Care
Information will be provided by your aesthetic professional
From £250 for Full Face

Age Spots / Brown Spots 

Age spots can be flat brown, gray, or black spots on the skin. They usually occur on sun-exposed areas, such as the face, hands, shoulders, chest and upper back. Age spots are also called liver spots, senile lentigo, solar lentigines, or sun spots.

They are the result of an excess production of melanin, or skin pigment. Skin aging, sun exposure, or other forms of UV light exposure, such as tanning beds, are all possible causes. Although true age spots are harmless to your health, they can impact your self-confidence and they can be unsightly.

What is the Cost?

Age spot and pigmentation laser treatment

Fee schedule for treating age spots and pigmentation (sun spots, age spots, pigmented lesions, liver spots, lentigine, freckles)
Harmony XL Laser. Pigmentation - IPL / AFT
Schedule of 3 treatments, once every 4 weeks
Medical Aesthetician consultation and patch test: £30
Area1 Treatment3 Treatment Package (save 10%)
Small area (eg veins around nose or chin)£100£257
Full face£250£675
Full face and chest£400£1,080

Frequently Asked Questions

During a skin consultation, one of our expert practitioners will examine your skin and determine if you are suitable for this procedure. If so, photographs will be taken before the procedure to compare the results post-treatment.

The skin will be cleansed with an antiseptic solution and a cool gel will be applied onto skin. The practitioner will then commence the treatment.

Clients have reported a warm sharp sensation to the skin during the treatment but that is it generally painless.

The following aftercare is recommended to improve the treatment results and to minimise side-effects from the treatment:

  • The application of a cool pack during the first few hours after treatment will reduce any discomfort.
  • Apply only Biafine or aloe vera gel (without alcohol) to the treated area
  • Makeup may be used immediately after the treatment unless there is epidermal blistering. (Preferably mineral make up)
  • Avoid sun exposure to reduce the chance of hyperpigmentation or darker pigmentation. Use sunscreen SPF50+ or greater at all times throughout the course of treatment.
  • Avoid swimming until the treated area is fully healed
  • Avoid hot baths, heat treatments and exercise for the first 48 hours
  • Avoid picking scabs
  • Avoid using retinoids for 2 days before treatment and 7 days post treatment

Immediately after treatment, there may be redness and swelling at the treatment area, this may feel like mild sunburn. If pigment is present, it will become darker and form a scab. This is a normal effect of treatment. Swelling can occur, especially on the cheek area but will reduce after time. We recommend sleeping with an extra pillow to help decrease swelling.

Although there is no downtime associated with this treatment, patients can expect the treated spots to appear darker from 5 to 10 days, depending on the strength of the treatment. The age spots with will naturally disappear after a few days, leaving the skin clear.

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